We offer services not only in design and construction, but also in maintenance, planting and gardening consultations.


The design process starts with you, the client. Your needs, wants and tastes are what first shapes a design, then leave it to us to come back with the concepts for your space, and together we’ll create the garden of your dreams.

Most often our designs see us use a palette of flowing shapes and natural materials and could be described as us working with nature.

So, whether you are softening your home into the landscape with planting or building large outdoor spaces, we will endeavour to create functional spaces that work in harmony with their surroundings.

We also collaborate with other designers, helping them bring their gardens from paper to life. See our design partner Maddie Dineen’s website for more inspirational design.


Our business has evolved during the years and garden construction has now become our primary activity. Garden construction sees us bringing concepts and designs to life. We have the passion and skill to create any garden we can dream. From large enclosed outdoor spaces protecting you from the elements to sculptural focal points and everything in between our team can craft it for you!


Our qualified horticultural staff have years of experience in garden maintenance so you can rest assured and trust that your garden is in safe hands. From general garden maintenance to the restoration of over grown trees and shrubs, we can cater for all your needs.


We offer all types of planting services from big to small; from flower beds in town houses to tree planting in large parkland settings, to vertical walls and green roofs.


We provide both Landscape Design and Horticultural consultations to our clients. We offer 2 hour consultations in your garden, where we walk through and discuss the best solutions for your design dilemmas and gardening issues. So, if you are unsure of where to start or need assistance in any aspect of design and gardening, we can lend a helping hand.